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Putin's early life. Battleground of the mind. How is the leader shaped by shadows in his biography.

Vladimir Putin. Timeline of a leader.
A composite, including contrasting information. Gaps still to be filled.
Do early experiences reflect in the later man. Mother: Vera Putina in Georgia?
Does truth matter, or only the usefulness of a chosen interpretation.

  • Update.  In 2008, the story of Putin's claimed Georgia mother, challenging accepted facts as to the parentage and early life of Vladimir Putin, and first disseminated back in 1999, came out more broadly. See  Start with that overview. Then work around. And test this theory in reviewing any timeline:  
    • Whether east or west, where there is any claimed factual issue, does a search for truth drive its vetting? Or does the fate of the fact rest on what version of that fact will rally the people to the cause of the day. 
    • Does that explain cover-ups. Do cover-ups, the destruction, spin or denial of other versions of priorities, consequences, events, prove the truth of the theory itself: 
      • That truth in religion, or politics, or the market, or childrearing, or any other human endeavor does not matter, only what works to serve the cause. East and west, here.
      • In Putin's case, is the refusal to find the truth, to take a simple DNA test (the claimed birth mother, Vera Putina, is alive and well in Georgia. See interview from 2014, The official parents are buried at St. Petersburg). Refusal to look into truth: is that in itself a simple cover-up, failure of accountability. Ask.

Putin's first ten years; there are two versions of his biography. One is a selfie: how his official life story presents, with official parents Maria Ivanovna Shelomovna and Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin. See is a shadow: where information, inconsistent with the story suggested by the official, casts a moving and changing shape, opaque over the otherwise bland landscape of a narrated childhood. Who are the people, what are the events that keep coming to the fore, particularly since 2008. Do those matter to understanding the man. See Alexander J. Motyl 2015. Study what evidence there remains, and vet for credibility. What seem to be roots of his goals, his drive, his methodology. What roots grew early from his perceptions, whether or not so intended by the surrounding grownups making pivotal decisions affecting him, at the time. 

Why bother looking into his life?  Bother for two reasons: because

a) A more complete view of people's early experiences, especially where a child may feel shunted about, devalued, powerless, or worse, count. Does a drive develop, to be powerless never again (please get the professionals in here if this idea even matters). Extreme early insecurity, may help untangle, explain later behavior, policies. Those behaviors may not be based on the merit of the idea, but on the person's own need to fill in gaps, prove to himself that he is important. Truth? Politics is full of untruths. Behavior and experience can even, it seems, alter DNA. See See Be careful with kids. And

b) secrets engender cover-ups that increase in virulence, the closer the outside gets inside. People have died here, related to their reporting, their relationships it appears; and issues still not resolved. Lay them to rest. If a leader cannot tell truth about self (give some leeway for politics, I suppose), why follow the leader in anything. The greater the dummies we. Ask the questions, see if someone can help answer.

1.  Basic Orientation, site evolution of recent stories.
Activity increasing.
Ongoing -- Official, traditional view of Vladimir Putin, see
1999 -- Ms. Putina first told her story 1999, school records 1959-60, Georgia, see;  Recap, events, claims of Vera Putina as to parentage of Vladimir Putin, see
2003. Documentary film about Vera Putina (born 1926) and still in Georgia, see reference (film not online) at
2014 -- Interview with Vera Putina in Georgia, see;  Claim overview: Vladimir Putin moved to St. Petersburg to live with distant relatives in 1960, earlier years in Georgia. Circumstances: see timeline.
2014 -- Positive, folksy view of Putin's own family in transition: see
2015 --Politics and possible coverups as the story began to emerge, and information from Vera Putina, and others, see this German site, Click on the translate; see deaths of reporters, missing documentation, see also
2015 -- Information status report and analysis as of 2015, see;  see also fast summary of facts of both biography versions, see Canada's  
2016 -- Negative view, see Vladimir Putin's Rise to Power (full documentary)
2016 -- Mysterious Genealogy of Vladimir Putin, see; see also
2016 -- Modern political developments, see
2016 -- Interrelationships, Russia and Trump interests since 1986 --
 2017 -- Vladimir Putin's essay in Russian Pioneer Magazine No. 55 about his father, upbringing (not Georgia), 2017 (magazine article), see at
2.  Timeline:  Vladimir Vladimirivich Putin, a composite,
with filing cabinet of gaps to vet

  • Official or alt-bio.  To keep apparent branches of the Putin family separate, I refer to the St. Petersburg parents as the official parents, and the Metekhi, Georgia, mother and associated persons, the alt-bio family.  
    • Vera Putin, biological mother
    • Platon Privalov, biological father
    • Georgy Osepashvili, biological mother's later husband
    • Parents (unnamed) of Vera Putin, who are distant relatives of the St. Petersburg Putins.
  •  No way to make ultimate absolute determination as to parentage based on online information. Easy enough with DNA, probably.

Before 1917 Revolution:  Official Grandfather Spiridon Putin (birthdate-deathdate?) grandfather of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, leaves Tver for St. Petersburg at age 15. See Already an issue?  "The president's family tree is not traced from this Spiridon" see  Yet it goes on to detail the activities and jobs of that Spiridon Putin before the 1917 Revolution, and isn't he the father of Vladimir Spiridonovich said to be the father of Vladimir Putin.  If that branch is not Vladimir's family tree, then the other Putins in Georgia ar

1911 --  Birth year of both of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin's official parents, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin and Maria Ivanovna Shelomovna Putin.  Adoptive? Foster? From 1960 on.
  • This senior Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin is a distant relative of Vera Putina's parents.  
    • Spoiler:  Vera Putina, born 1926, of another branch of Putins (alternate biography Putins, alt-bio), see below, claimed to be the birth mother of Vladimir Putin, born 1950, with revelations beginning in 1999. She gave her illegitimate son to her parents for care and for his own safety and well-being after her marriage to a husband who rejected him; the parents in turn gave him for adoption or fosterage to Vladimir and Maria in St. Petersburg in 1960, where he was raised from 1960 through school.  
        • Now: That said (ahem) was Rasputin in the town where a woman lived who then gave birth to a Putin? If that happened in 1911, then perhaps Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin is really a Vladimir Grigorivich Putin, so that Vladimir Putin Sr. born 1911 may be a child of Rasputin?  This is far-fetched, but so is life. See the alleged naming customs.
        • Vera Putina born 1926:  a Putin branch that moved to Georgia? where she was born?
          • Ancestry. Traditionally important in Russia, as elsewhere. A background of illegitimacy and low birth would prevent rising in the social ranks, for example. From concepts of mestnichestvo, stemming from centuries of a social and formerly legal force that fixed hieraracies of privilege for boyars, and newbies, those newly accepted in to the hallowed ranks. Boyars were just below princes. Today: rank, where it counts, is listed in something like the Velvet Book, (like our Social Register),  see A Hand-book of the Principal Families in Russia Originaly (sic) Written in French, by Prince Paul Dolgoruky, by Petr Vladimirovič Dolgorukov 1858.
          • No Putins there, and there would not be, given the stated ordinary origins.
      • There is another angle; there are Putyatins in Tver.  A clan of more noble persons. Then why are all the relatives of this Putin so poor, you ask.
1926 -- Birth of alt-bio mother of Putin, Vera Putina, see, hers is a small Russian village near Ochyor, at Ural Mts. foothills. She went to school 8 years, then trained to become an agricultural machinery mechanic.

1928 -- Marriage of official father Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin and official mother Maria Shelomova.  In Pominovo, Tver. apparently. See, Other Putins are there, see general genealogy sites for names.

Before WWI (date?), Putin's official father's family moves (from St. Petersburg? where?)  to the village of Pomiinovo, in Tver, see (map: click to see its distance from  Moscow).  Putin's grandmother had been raised there. What was her name?  Did Vladimir Putin Sr. and Maria Shelomova meet in Pominovo? Was she from there?

Siege of Leningrad:  Brother of Vladimir Putin, the unnamed elder brother, dies of diphtheria, see

WWII -- Official father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin,"participates" in the war, see, is involved in war sabotaging through the NKVD, blowing up bridges and rail lines, narrow escapes from Germans at St. Petersburg area, see  (RT -- Russian news source); and additional details include his having been wounded, rescued, at  So there are apparently no military records of his existence? See The Australian site, above.
  • WWII.  Era -- [Not sure when they moved back to St. Petersburg, but apparently Vladimir Sr. participated in the war from there?)  They move up, to "half of a house" at Peterhof (not, apparently, on the estate Peterhof, but refers to the town?).  See
  • Unknown -- There were two sons of the official parents, according to the biography, see also, Year _____-- Birth of first child, son ___________ (name? birthdate?) elder brother of Vladimir Putin, see Died of diphtheria during Siege of Leningrad, see below. And then was there another?  Both died. 
  • Brothers:  Viktor and Albert, both died in the 1930's. See Wiki, Vladimir Putin.
1945 or so --  Family moves to St. Petersburg, lives in a 5th floor walk-up apartment, one room, in a  communal building on Baskov Lane.  (who remembers them from there?) Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, is a foster father and not biological?  Putin:  Memoir, see  Records?

Upon return to home after his hospitalization for a wound, Mr. Putin demanded that workers return his ill wife to the apartment when they were in process of removing her, ill, and he nursed her to health there. She lived to 1998. Open up windows for each site and compare the inconsistencies. 

1950 -- Alt-bio.  Birth of Vladimir Putin to Vera Putina of Metekhi, Georgia, about 60 miles from Tbilisi.  The idea has traction, see See

1952 -- Official bio birthdate of Vladimir Putin, mother as Maria Shelomova Putina. Copies? Records? Date altered to make him 2 years younger because he spoke no Russian, and this put him in the class for learning Russian, see

1959-1960 -- A Vladimir Putin was registered at a school in Metekhi, Georgia at this time, see  Vera Putina's husband refuses to support him, now that the couple has a child of their own.  The husband's sister gives Vladimir away. Vera Putina gets him back.

1960 --  Sister of Vera Putina gives Vladimir to her parents for his own safety, and believes they then put him up for adoption with the distant relatives. See  Differing versions, who gave him to whom

1960 -- Vladimir Putin arrives at where?  (accompanied by whom?),, is taken in by the official parents, who then move to St. Petersburg where he is raised. 
  • 1952 -- Official birth date on birth certificate is changed.  Documentation? Vladimir Putin as registered in 1960 in St. Petersburg. Was that for a formal adoption?  Or just foster parenting?
    •  Apparently, the birth certificate was changed from 1950 to 1952 so Vladimir, who did not speak Russian at age 10, could appear to be age 8 and enter the classes for learning Russian more easily. See .  See birth certificate?  We learn, as Vladimir grew as a child. Maria Shelamova was a kindly person, and disliked Putin studying judo as a young person. 
  • Changed birth certificate? Does it shows Putin birth in St. Petersburg.  Alternate birthdate:  1950, Georgia. Go vet. I have no idea. Some sites say he was an only child. Others say not an only child. There was a younger brother, and Wiki says two, see above; see .
1960's on -- See biography summary, the traditional with no reference to Georgia, at at

1960's -- Official father works as security guard, and foreman, at "carriage works"  (records?)  Did mother work?  Yes, janitorial, and delivery for a bakery.  Ordinary, low-economic level upbringing, one-room apartment (see Vladimir Putin's Rise to Power, biography at site and video), simple good food at home, lived with both parents,, a favorite was petrushki, Try a recipe. Other sites say housing was rat-infested, walk-up.

1960-1970,-- Putin's elementary school in St. Petersburg, No. 193; then High school:  No. 281.  Records?

He only begins his biographical data from first-hand knowledge beginning.y after 1960, when he was already gone from Metekhi, says Vera Putina, in the article: see;  .

6th Grade: Joins Young Pioneers, see

Curriculum: focused on chemistry, technology. Sought to learn judo at 16. Mother not pleased. Sought to join KGB at 16, told to come back later, after army service or college, with a law degree preferred, so he prepared for that. Admitted in 1970, Leningrad State University.

1975 -- Earns law degree, Leningrad State University,

1970's - 1980's -- KGB School No. 1, Moscow,

Career:  Appointments followed, to Directorate secretariat, then counterintelligence, then operations personnel retraining, and further time in counterintelligence; moved on to Moscow training in foreign intelligence, back to Leningrad's First Main Diretorate (intelligence service with branches in major cities of the Soviet Union).

Then to Germany with KGB, see,

1983 -- Putin marries Lyudmila Shkrebneva Putinova, 
Apparently, a certificate of marriage is not public information, see

1985-1990 -- Putin works in East Germany, with awards and promotions, see

1985 -- Daughter born, Mariya Putina, named after her grandmother,

1986 -- Daughter born, Yekaterina Shkrebneva Putina, named after her mother; in Dresden;, an acrobatic dancer; St. Petersburg State University;

1986 -- Yuri Dubinin, Soviet Ambassador, discusses Trump Tower with Trump (seems harmless enough), see series of financial contacts thereafter, see

1990's -- Yeltsin starts dismantling the KGB, see

1990 -- Putin returns to Leningrad, in administration, foreign relations area, Leningrad State University, and various posts, St. Petersburg (now the name) city government,

1991 -- Soviet Union dissolves, CIS forms, Commonwealth of Independent States, see 

1992 -- Beginning of line of killings of journalists in Russia, see

1996 -- Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin family move to Moscow, Vladimir Putin begins political career, see

1997 -- Trump tries to have installed a Russian-made statue by Zurab Tsereteli, friend of the Moscow mayor, of Christopher Columbus (called Birth of the New World) in New York City. The enterprise fails there and at other cities approached, Miami, Columbus (Ohio?), and Boston; and was sent to Puerto Rico. See Its ultimate arrival: 2016.

1999 - Appointed Prime Minister by Boris Yeltsin,, see;   fosters FSB control at Russia’s borders, troops there, and electronic surveillance. Former KGB men move into institutions of state, and Russian business. See site.

1999 -- Vladimir Putin became Acting President of the Russian Federation when Boris Yeltsin resigned, see
1999 -- Vera Putina tells story that she is birth mother of Vladimir Putin. See   Rastam Daudekov begins to interview her, tape recording, notes, visiting several times. See Croatian site,; translation from Croatian at

  • Vera Putina lives in Metekhi, Georgia, near Tbilisi.

1998 -- Death of official mother, Maria Ivanovna Shelomova Putina (born 1911). Seraferimovskoye cemetery, St. Petersburg.  Death of old age?  What?

I see no obituary, no cause of death, no funeral noted.  Did Putin attend? Were obituaries or death notices not publicized?

1999 -- Death of official father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin (born 1911).  Death of old age?  What?   Photo, joint grave.  Seraferimovskoye cemetery, St. Petersburg.

 I see no obituary, no cause of death, no funeral noted. No news found yet that Putin attended their burials.

  • Did either parent know that Vera Putina was claiming to be the mother of Vladimir Putin? It seems there were no interviews? Just the sudden deaths. Did Vladimir Putin attend funerals? I see no news. Are there the registration papers in St. Petersburg for when Vladimir came to live with them, or is that also contested. No idea. See 2008 ff. 
  • Had they any contacts with the Georgia Putins during Vladimir's childhood?
  • Any information about their response, if they knew.  Each would have been very old, about 88-90?

2000's -- Ilya Reznik notes high volume of Russian real estate deals east coast, US, see  Tefvik Arik, also real estate tycoon, joins with Trump who then is amid multiple bankruptcies, for projects, see

2000 or so:  Was there a time when his career required family history adjustments?  Apparently so. See

Then evidence and people began to be removed. See poisoning in particular,  Here, plane crash, a run-over.
  • Rastam Daudekov, a Chechen, had interviewed several times Vera Putin, seen photos, received items.  He asked Artyom Borovik and Ziya Bazayev to come to Georgia, capital city Tblisi, to view a tape or tapes he had.  They agreed to come.
    • Russian opposition journalist Artyom Borovik (a/k/a Artem Borovik; generally critical as to govt) had earlier reported in an article that the interim president said: "There are three ways to influence people: blackmail, vodka and death threats." 
    • Others: Ziya Bazhayev, a Chechen and head of Alliance Group, a Russian oil enterprise, was also on that flight. See
  • Artyom Borovik, a/k/a Artem Genrikhovich Borovik, was killed, age 29, along with Ziya Bazhayev, in a (suspicious? see obituary by Isobel Montgomery) plane crash in 2000, from St. Petersburg to Tbilisi, Georgia, see Pilot was experienced, no other passengers except friend Ziya Bazhayev, and weather warm. 
    • Borovik is known for his book, The Hidden War (Afghanistan). among other accomplishments
________:  Year?  Putin goes back to Moscow to the Andropov Red Banner Institute. Trained for a trip to Germany.  What was that? No years given in the bio.

2004 -- Putin elected to second term as President, see

2004 -- Childhood teacher, Vera Gurevich, writes a memoir with Putin in it, after 1960, see, regular guy stuff

2006 -- Poisoning death in London Alexander Litvinenko, opposition to Putin, see; see also

2006? -- Marriage? of daughter Mariya to Netherlands businessman Jorritt Faassen, subsequent divorce? Just partners? BF? No more? See Medical career. Is this reliable?

2006 -- Assassination of investigative journalist Anna Politskovskaya, see

2007 -- Reforms at FSB, see, re murky drug deals and business practices; not great results. Putin sets up another group, the Investigative Committee to deal with murders of high profile people like Anna Politkovskaya and Boris Nemtsov.

2007 -- Trump launches luxury vodka line in Moscow, project ultimately fails. Marketing could have worked; see Artyom Borovik (a/k/a Artem Borovik) Putin opposition, having reported that the interim president (Putin in that post) said: "There are three ways to influence people: blackmail, vodka and death threats." See section 1, Finding the article itself will take a Russian speaker.

2008 -- Appointed Russian Prime Minister,

2008 -- Vera Putina discloses that she is the mother of Vladimir Putin, see

2008 -- Dmitry Rybolofev purchases Trump mansion in Palm Beach for 95 million, property purchased by Trump for some 41 pounds, say 50 million dollars.  See

2009 -- Murder of Sergei Magnitsky, lawyer and auditor, investigating corruption in Kremlin, after arrest and while in custody, see

2009 -- Sergei Millian, Russian-American Chamber of Commerce, claims to have brought much Russian money to Trump projects; Donald Trump son Eric Trump claims disporportionate Russian assets in Trump portfolio, see

2012 -- Elected president,

2012 -- US passes Magnitsky human rights law, sanctions against Russia in response to his murder, see;

2013 -- Aras Agalov, property mogul, signs 14 million deal to bring Miss America pageant to Moscow, later says has deal to build Trump Tower in Moscow, see

2013 -- Marriage of daughter Yekaterina, to Kirill Shamalov born 1982, at the Igora ski resort, near St. Petersburg, see details, consequences, financial connections among many players, charts, at 

2014 -- Putin divorced from Lyudmila Putinova. Marriage: 1983, see bio

2014 --  Vera Putinova again breaks her silence as to Vladimir Putin, see

2014 -- Trump claims to have spoken directly and indirectly with Putin, see, later denies.

2014 -- Paul Manafort works for pro-Russian president Yanukovich, then ousted, payments become in issue after off-books entries, some 12 million paid or owed?  found. See

2014 -- Interview in Georgia with Vera Putina, details of his childhood, see

2015 -- Murder of Kremlin opponent Boris Nemtsov, see;
see also Nemtsov and the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge,  Russia Road Ways

2015 -- March.  Un petit bebe? Alina Kabaeva, mother, father Vladimir Putin? Denied? Affirmed?  News false and true? Who is to know one from two. See
2016 -- Successor agency to the old KGB, the FSB, now to be joined, called Ministry of State Security, see

2016 -- The Tsereteli statue of Columbus fostered by Trump but finding no home in the US is accepted at Puerto Rico, see 1999. See

2016 -- Fast forward to consolidating security agencies into the National Guard, Ministry of State Security, replacing old loyalists with new, see

2016 --Article:  Lobbyist advised Trump campaign while lobbying on behalf of a Russian pipeline company, see . Richard Burt also advises the Alfa Group, close with Kremlin and the Commonwealth of Independent States ((CIS),  see

2016 -- August. Putin's new interest (is that so?) Wendi Deng Murdoch, ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch, vacations with Ivanka Trump,  True? Not vetted, just reporting the story, see The Daily Wire?  See the US market for "bias journalism," scroll down at  More fake news?  Breitbart now on board.

2016 -- Paul Manafort resigns, after disclosures of mystery off-book payments either owed, or paid, from Ukraine former pro-Russian president Yanukovich work, see 2014, see

2016 (August);
Michael Flynn, appointed as a Trump national security advisor, has contacts with Putin, see

2016 -- Carter Page, former banker, Merrill Lynch and advisor to Gazprom, resigns as Trump advisor. Out there is a "mysterious and unexplained trail of computer activity", Trump organization and email at Russian Alfa Bank, contacts and connections, Page and Manafort. See  What are Manafort and Page doing now?

2016 -- September.  Alina Kabaeva. Wedding ring worn in public, see

2017 -- Contacts ongoing, see

Concluding so far:  Compare leaders. Each with power to take us to war.

 Absolute power over others seems to dominate for Putin, money and attention seem to dominate for Trump.  If nations go to war, let it be for reasons other than the personal satisfaction, compensation, or other need of the leader.

Putin:  His life goes on interspersed with extreme coercions, with new relationships, new career opportunities; but the extent of a drive to power in any individual is worth inspection where an early shaping appears to be in effect. We can learn from that, if it is so.

  • Imagine:  If a child is made to feel like a sack of potatoes in his early years, insecure in surroundings even if a mother did her best for as long as she could, and than at about 7-10 years is repeatedly rejected (did he feel that? how could he not?) -- not only by her, and her husband, and the siblings being born to her, but by his grandparents, and sent off to strangers, that counts. 
  • It also counts for all of us dealing with our children, sustenance, and etc. Attention must be paid.
 Enough probity is left as to evidence and information, to justify an ongoing look at Vera Putina, and how her son perceived the turmoil of his first 10 years. Independent corroboration is difficult:

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